Typical Client Customized Solutions


  1. Organization or Program Assessment
  2. Voice of the Customer Analysis

Strategy and Planning

  1. Strategy Formulation and Strategic Project Planning
  2. Balanced Scorecard Development and Metrics
  3. Cascading Strategic Responsibilities
  4. Project Portfolio
  5. Value Based Budgeting

Structure and Process

  1. Organization Structure Design
  2. Zero Base Organization Structure
  3. Complexity Reduction
  4. Business Process Improvement and Functional Process Mapping
  5. Team Organization Structure and Implementation
  6. Staffing Analysis and Responsibility Clarification

Systems Analysis and Design

  1. Quality System Design
  2. Decision Data Analysis
  3. Performance Management System Design

Solution Design and Facilitation

  1. Situation Appraisal Facilitation
  2. Decision and Problem Solving Facilitation
  3. Change Management Planning
  4. Project Management Facilitation and Implementation
  5. Solution Design and Development Facilitation
  6. Potential Problem Analysis Facilitation
  7. Risk Assessment Facilitation

Capability Development

  1. High Achieving Leadership
  2. Leadership Simulation Development
  3. Critical Thinking Training (Decision Making/Problem Solving)
  4. Building a Culture of Accountability
  5. Project Management Training
  6. Conference Speaker (Leadership and Organization Issues including:
    Trends That Will Change The Way You Do Business;
    Strategies for Profitability In Times of Scarcity)


  1. Leadership Retreat and Decision making Facilitation
  2. Executive Leadership Coaching and Leadership Development
  3. Leadership Training
  4. Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Special Projects

  1. Knowledge Management Codification
  2. HR & Performance Management Consulting
  3. Succession Planning