In my 30+ year career I have never worked with a better management and leadership consultant than Doug. He grasps all functions, interdependencies and aspects of the complete business ecosystem. He is a master at both strategy and alignment; delivers fiscal responsibility with program effectiveness; is clairvoyant on business opportunity and lays out the steps in detail on how achieve success.

Mark Roithmayr
Chief Development Officer at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

I very seldom take the opportunity to put on my marketing manager hat, but I want to share some information about someone who has been a valuable resource to the DARS Division for Blind Services. Doug Wilson is a management guru who is closely aligned with business, but who has the perspective of an outside, independent consultant.  Doug has the ability to bring an analytical perspective to an organization and then to use his expertise to enable a systems thinking approach to problem solving. Doug has worked in both government settings and in private industry, so he understands the issues facing organizations.  In spite of the tremendous resources we have, there are times where we simply can’t get things done without outside assistance and expertise.  Doug is someone you may wish to add to your “contacts” list for times when you need to supplement your internal resources to solve a problem or improve on things that are already working.

Barbara Madrigal
Assistant Commissioner
Texas Division for Blind Services

For over thirty years Doug Wilson has been committed to enhancing organizational effectiveness. From being the driving force in the nation’s first certified public management program for the public sector he went on to assist some of the leading corporations, state and local agencies, and nonprofit organizations in streamlining their operations and setting direction. He has the ability to assist leaders and managers in making decisions based on factual but realistic criteria. He can design and facilitate process advances that save time and money; foster quality improvement based on disciplined planning, implementation, evaluation, and revision. In short, he can bring about organizational development that’s not based on the latest fads but rather a deep understanding of the research tempered with his own significant experience and insight. And the bonus is that he clicks with leaders, managers and employees at all levels. He has the capability to listen, assess problems and formulate resolutions in a manner that’s clear, concise and free of jargon.

Tom Wade, Retired
Former Chief Executive, Georgia Technology Authority
Deputy Commissioner, Department of Human Resources

I came to know Doug during my tenure as CFO at Autism Speaks. Doug served Autism Speaks as a consultant on a variety of issues.  Specifically in budgeting and planning, Doug’s expertise and professionalism greatly assisted in establishing priorities, allocating resources and implementing a budget.  Doug style was collaborative and supportive and he will prove to be a benefit to your organization.

Tom Hetzel
CFO, Learning Ally

Doug helped us accomplish results that we could not have achieved without his support. He is a great listener and did not provide cookie cutter recommendations. He listened to our concerns and then helped us work through a solution with by asking us questions and then restating what we had said.

Bill Agnell
Special Assistant to the Commissioner, Division for Blind Services, State of Texas

I have utilized the talents of Doug Wilson on many occasions over the past 10 years. On every project, Doug has brought original thinking, a focus on objectives, a wealth of knowledge and a genuine commitment to deliver results that meet our needs.  What is most impressive about Doug’s work is his ability to customize his approach to a wide variety of organizational settings with creativity and energy.

Chip Kenney,
Director and Principal Investigator
Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse University

I have had the pleasure of hearing Doug Wilson speak several times as well as working directly with him on the development and presentation of a training program. To me the qualities that define Doug and his work are integrity, vision and responsiveness to the needs of the customer.  He has always demonstrated those through his thorough preparation, delivery of high quality and relevant materials and genuine desire for feedback from participants.  Doug tells it like it is and his presentations are always thought provoking and full of excellent information.

John M. Connelly
Director, Research and Grants
Council for State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation

Over my career, Doug Wilson stands out as one of the most knowledgeable and well-prepared consultants I know. I do not hesitate to recommend him.

J. Russell Doumas,