Strategy QuestionsStrategy & Purpose Projects
  • What should our organization look like in 3-5 years?
  • What are our strategic assumptions?
  • How will our customers and services/products change?
  • How will our customers change?
  • What should our customer mix be?
  • How will our services/products change?
  • What should our service/product mix be?
  • How should our organization structure, systems, skills and staff change?
  • Are metrics linked to key results areas, clear and communicated?
  • Is the amount of change introduced into the organization appropriate?
  • Is the introduction of change efficient and effective?



An organization lost traction with its consumers and needed to define what it needed to look like 5 years into the future.
Organization leadership and key staff went through a systematic strategy development process to define strategic assumptions and implications, identify consumer characteristics and define high value consumer/product mix. A business model wads then developed to support needed changes. Finally, strategic project plans were developed to implement desired changes
Not for Profit faced significant cost reductions due to the economy and lower donations but feared loss of support if activities were cut.
Conducted strong data analysis and facilitated senior leadership meeting to cut the budget in low-value areas while enhancing the organization by implementing a significant initiative to improve the lives of consumers.
An organization experienced much confusion and inefficiency due to confliction functional metrics
Developed an integrated metric taxonomy to link functional unit and levels to the organization strategic and tactical plans
An organization experienced inefficiency and rejects due to core business process that was no longer functioning as designed
Conducted business process improvement to meet clearly defined objectives and metrics coupled with appropriate support to insure sustainability