Structure and Process QuestionsProject Situations


  • Is our organization structure aligned with our strategy?
  • What are the desired characteristics of the optimal structure?
  • Does cross functional collaboration exist?
  • What structure model best fits our situation?
  • Do we have the right staffing in each area?
  • Are roles and responsibilities clear?


  • Is the value chain clearly defined and protected from complexity?
  • Are processes streamlined and efficient?
  • Are roles and responsibilities clear?




Two government agencies had parallel functions with the same consumers. They were in constant conflict over data and decisions and the consumers were caught in the middle.
Analyzed parallel operations and developed recommendation and implementation plan to streamline and organize operations between the two agencies. Recommendation adopted by Boards and senior management of both agencies.

A large county in a metro area faced a catastrophic budget shortfall requiring a decision how to reduce 700 positions from the payroll.
Analyzed county operations, set objectives with the county administrator and board of commissioners, met with department heads, budget analysts and HR staffing personnel in order to develop a plan to meet required staffing targets to create a balanced budget with emphasis on high value priorities.

An organization had lost focus on what was high value and needed to add different capabilities to their organization mix.
Solution Led organizations through an organization structure redesign to include positions, key results areas, responsibility assignment matrix and skills and capabilities matching.