Who We Are

We Are...
  • Dedicated to our client’s success
  • Unwilling to accept average or acceptable results
  • Willing to tell clients what they may not want to hear
  • Willing to stretch client’s thinking
  • Focused on a solution customized to our client’s needs
  • Willing to give 100% to insure success and to be accountable for our efforts and results
    Dedicated to the following success formula

    • Clear expectations + emotional intelligence + critical thinking + sound data + client collaboration = solution success

How We Do It

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The 9 By 9 Secret Formula


Decisions are made based on the data available. When leaders and staff do not have accurate or complete data, then optimal decisions will not be made. In every 9 By 9 Solutions’ projects, there is a rigorous data phase to precisely define the issue or opportunity prior to solutions or changes being designed.


Maximum involvement of key staff around challenging issues is critical to developing an optimal solution. Collaboration requires a systematic decision making process to guide the thinking of staff.


Staff often “tweak” the current situation rather than look for an optimal solution. Often the missing ingredient is highly focused facilitation to lead staff in thinking about what is possible and optimal.

Emotional Intelligence

Organizational time, resources and energy are required to address issues and capitalize on opportunities. If emotional intelligence is not built into the process, solutions will be recommended that cannot be approved. Emotional intelligence is built into every solution though systematic critical thinking.