Leadership Nugget #7: Are You A Creative Leader?

According to a new study at The University of Texas at San Antonio, the key to a successful, creative leader is confidence.

Ineffective or abusive leaders create stressful situations for their employees by humiliating them in front of others, playing favorites or not giving their subordinates proper credit for their work.Confident leaders inspire others to produce at higher levels than they thought possible.

“When you feel stressed, you feel helpless and your productivity and creativity is diminished,” Dina Krasikova said. “Many times this originates with the leader. For example, you might come to work unsure of what you’re supposed to be doing because you get conflicting expectations from your direct supervisor or your boss. The solution is clear roles and communication.”

Leadership Lesson: The Value of Leadership Confidence Is When It Results In A Confident Culture

The confidence of successful leaders permeates the work place because true confidence is contagious. False confidence occurs when leaders are confident in themselves and their own abilities but are not confident in others (and often micromanage them to be sure what the leader expects happens – or so the leader will not look bad.) Some leaders are not confident in themselves or others and there’s a trickle-down effect. Employees feel less confident in their own abilities.

What are the characteristics of a confident culture?
People (both leaders and staff) are confident that:
1. They know what the goals are and how the success of those goals will be measured.
2. They can offer suggestions to improve the outcomes that will be accepted as credible.
3. They can ask for clarification and help as needed.
4. They are informed to the latest information and can act on that data.
5. They can make try different approaches, make mistakes and receive corrective feedback without damaging their standing.
6. Their skills are suited to the assigned task

Ultimately true confidence results in creativity. When that creativity is recognized and reinforced by upper-level management and throughout the organization or with customers , the culture is fortified with an even stronger sense of confidence.

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