Leadership Nugget #25: Forget the Feedback Sandwich. Get To Your Real Point

People tiptoe around giving feedback that others may take as negative. All types of leadership “wisdom” is provided on how to give negative feedback but unfortunately many if them only diminish the leader’s credibility by advocating the leader to play games rather than be honest and direct. Perhaps one of the dumbest techniques on how […]

Leadership Nugget #24: Bad Management Or Unethical Decisions ? You Better Know The Difference!

As I look back on my career in leadership there were two decisions made above me that caused me to question whether or not I could comply with what was asked. Was management above me making an unethical request or were they making a horrible decision with which I was in total disagreement but which […]

Leadership Nugget # 23: When Polls And Majorities Define Leadership

Tony Robbins: What is leadership? What makes a great leader? Often the “leaders” we see on TV or in the media today are figureheads that do what’s popular, but not what’s right. http://www.forbes.com/sites/danschawbel/2016/04/07/tony-robbins-most-leaders-do-whats-popular-not-whats-right/#78de29d52060 A generation of spineless leaders is emerging. This is not because the leaders start off spineless but it occurs because our society […]

Leadership Nugget #21: So You Think You Know Talent

Overqualified: Having more education, training, or experience than is required for a job or position. Dictionary.com Underqualified: Insufficiently qualified for a particular job. http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/underqualified Question: Does the right hire depend more on the person who is hiring than the person being hired? Copyright 9 By 9 Solutions 2016 All Rights Reserved

Leadership Nugget #20: The Intersection Where Direction, Commitment, Excellence and Meaning Meet

Tried employee engagement and it did not work? Held company picnics, college sweatshirt and employee appreciation days and not getting a long-term impact to the bottom line? Then maybe you are doing employee engagement all wrong. Engagement is all the rage in businesses today. Consultants and thought leadership gurus are on the bandwagon about how […]

Leadership Nugget #19: Is Consistently Bad Leadership Better Than Sporadically Great Leadership?

Transparency is often defined as the responsibility of the leader to make information, data and even thinking available to employees. But there is another aspect of transparency that is important, possibly more important than sharing information. That additional factor deals with future transparency, the ability of employees to read the leader, also known as predictability. […]

Leadership Nuggets #18 : What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate (And It’s Getting Worse)!

Have To Share Bad News? Call In Sick! A new survey conducted by Harris Poll with 2,058 U.S. adults — 1,120 of them were employed, and 616 of the employed people were managers — showed that a stunning majority (69%) of the managers said that they’re often uncomfortable communicating with employees. Over a third (37%) […]

Leadership Nugget #16: Leadership Development Pipelines? You Have To Be Kidding!

The image is powerful: a giant pipe with millions of leaders spewing out the end. Unlimited leadership talent for decades ahead! Leadership pipeline is a popular term in management circles today and consultants and leadership thought leaders have jumped on the bandwagon to make sure they are speaking on this cutting edge issue. In fact, […]