How would your organization answer to questions posed in a recent study.

Investment in front-line managers?
28% said “investing in managers. was a high priority.”

Leadership Development take a sustained and long-term approach? 43% of respondents say management training programs are designed to “plug holes” and deal with short-term problems rather than with “long-term objectives”.

Training efforts are choppy, not sustained?

82% “don’t strongly believe the company has been successful at manager development sustainment.”

Leadership is skeptical of the benefits of training.
69% feel leadership doesn’t see “a strong strong link between effective manager training and business performance.”

Success is hard to measure?

57% say it’s difficult to measure “the success manager training programs.”
America’s Workforce: A Revealing Study of Corporate America’s Most Employee, Root Inc. & Kelton Research, April 1 2014

Leadership Lesson: To develop leaders have them spend time with good leaders on a consistent basis. Let them watch the leader struggle. Watching how leaders make decisions and how they handle problems develops potential leaders quicker and more effectively than eight hours of ”butts in seats” where the study of the latest leadership articles and research titillates the mind but produces no skills.

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