Dissecting Frogs And Consistent Leadership Behavior

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from college. To obtain this prestigious degree I had to participate in multiple labs where I performed all kinds of acts against nature. One specific laboratory action stood out: dissection. I had the joy of dissecting earthworms, frogs and fetal pigs. I would carefully cut open the animal […]

Leadership Nugget #16: Leadership Development Pipelines? You Have To Be Kidding!

The image is powerful: a giant pipe with millions of leaders spewing out the end. Unlimited leadership talent for decades ahead! Leadership pipeline is a popular term in management circles today and consultants and leadership thought leaders have jumped on the bandwagon to make sure they are speaking on this cutting edge issue. In fact, […]

Leadership Nugget # 12: Leadership Quality Replicates Itself

Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman published an insightful article in Harvard Business Review that validates what many of us have observed. Excellent leaders tend to cluster. Said another way, excellent leaders develop, over time, other excellent leaders. This is a phenomenon that rings true in our every day observations. We see families that produce children […]

Leadership Nugget #2: Leadership Training – Is Its Time Past?

How would your organization answer to questions posed in a recent study. Investment in front-line managers? 28% said “investing in managers. was a high priority.” Leadership Development take a sustained and long-term approach? 43% of respondents say management training programs are designed to “plug holes” and deal with short-term problems rather than with “long-term objectives”. […]

The Artist-Leader

Most leadership writers are overly prescriptive about what it takes to be a leader. Lists and recipes abound. Thought leaders suggest they have discovered the “Holy Grail” of leadership that leads to success if only the approach is followed (books and audio-tapes available!). The problem is that leadership is not mechanical and it is not […]

Leadership In Pictures: The Subtleties of Great Leadership

Great leadership is grossly misunderstood. It is not that there is not enough knowledge about leadership: books, articles and seminars abound. There is just little understanding about what really makes leaders great. The first aspect of greatness was discussed in Drawing #1:Who Leaders Should Be. (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/leadership-series-pictures-drawing-1-doug-wilson?trk=prof-post). Without the character illustrated there, nothing else matters. Building […]

How Damage Is Being Done To Young Leaders

I become very upset when businesses and leaders abuse their power and authority. The sustained use of an authoritarian, domineering, or controlling leadership style is clearly not a proper leadership approach; it harms people, performance and ultimately customers. Conversely, the opposite is also true. Organizations and leaders can be too people oriented, too worried about […]