Are You A Compelling Communicator?

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.” The Captain, Road Prison 36 from Cool Hand Luke Leadership communication is an interesting topic. We all know that the ability to communicate appropriately is an essential component for every effective leader. Ken Blanchard and Associates reports that 43% of survey respondents identified communication skills as […]

Are You A Leader Who Listens?

You don’t listen to me! Whether at home or the office, we have all heard this phrase in our lifetimes. We have probably even used it ourselves! As early as 50 A.D. the Apostle James wrote that the ability to listen is an important skill in life and relationships. He wrote, “Let every person be […]

Persuasive Communication: A Powerful Tool In The Leader’s Toolkit

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.” The Captain, Road Prison 36 from Cool Hand Luke Leadership Communication Leadership communication is an interesting topic. First we know that communication is essential to any and all relationships. People cannot work together and collaborate together without the ability to communicate. As such, communication underlies everything […]

Leadership Nugget #25: Forget the Feedback Sandwich. Get To Your Real Point

People tiptoe around giving feedback that others may take as negative. All types of leadership “wisdom” is provided on how to give negative feedback but unfortunately many if them only diminish the leader’s credibility by advocating the leader to play games rather than be honest and direct. Perhaps one of the dumbest techniques on how […]

Leadership Nuggets #18 : What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate (And It’s Getting Worse)!

Have To Share Bad News? Call In Sick! A new survey conducted by Harris Poll with 2,058 U.S. adults — 1,120 of them were employed, and 616 of the employed people were managers — showed that a stunning majority (69%) of the managers said that they’re often uncomfortable communicating with employees. Over a third (37%) […]

Maybe The Problem With Communication Is More Than Poor Listening Skills

Accenture recently surveyed 3,600 professionals from 30 countries. Participants were evenly distributed between men and women and across generations and their positions ranged from entry-level through management. One of the survey’s major conclusions was that listening skills are lacking in the workplace. Some of the findings were: 96% of respondents consider themselves good listeners 98% […]