Leadership Nugget # 5: Do CEOs See Government As The Main Threat To Business?

Four hundred CEOs in eighty-three countries were surveyed about what they see as key threats to business. There was an amazing degree of consistency on their views. 1. Overregulation – 83% 2. Geopolitical uncertainty (74%) 3. Exchange rate volatility (73%) 4. Availability of key skills (72%) 5. Government response to fiscal deficit and debt burden […]

Leadership Nugget #4: Which Is The Better Decision Making Approach?

“German and American teams were assigned the task of reaching consensus on a complex task. The German groups generated 30% fewer possible solution statements than the American teams but more than twice as many statements focusing on various problems (i.e., inadequate information)”. Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock, University of Amsterdam So which is better? • Prefer clarity over […]

Leadership Nugget #3: Unpredictability Is Killing Your Workplace!

“62% of workers rate their jobs as highly stressful. The most common factor mentioned is unpredictability.” http://www.careercast.com/2016-job-stress-survey-results How does unpredictability impact the workplace? Consider a few sources of workplace unpredictability, each of which cause workers to ponder what will happen next rather than on producing high quality work. A. Expectations Source 1. What does success […]

Leadership Nugget #2: Leadership Training – Is Its Time Past?

How would your organization answer to questions posed in a recent study. Investment in front-line managers? 28% said “investing in managers. was a high priority.” Leadership Development take a sustained and long-term approach? 43% of respondents say management training programs are designed to “plug holes” and deal with short-term problems rather than with “long-term objectives”. […]

Leadership Nugget #1: Treating Supervisors As Employees

“Businesses frequently don’t value front-line management role – 38% of respondents believe their company “doesn’t value the impact” of lower level management”. America’s Workforce: A Revealing Study of Corporate America’s Most Neglected Employee. Root Inc. & Kelton Research, April 1 2014 The hardest job in any organization is the first line supervisor. This position is […]