Leadership Nugget #15: Leadership Is Not Rocket Science!

195 leaders in 15 countries over 30 global organizations were asked to choose the 15 most important leadership competencies from a list of 74. Their survey results were reported and charted in the Harvard Business Review (March 15, 2016). https://hbr.org/2016/03/the-most-important-leadership-competencies-according-to-leaders-around-the-world?referral=00563&cm_mmc=email-_-newsletter-_-daily_alert-_-alert_date&utm_source=newsletter_daily_alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=alert_date Today consultants and thought leaders race to find the holy grail of leadership. Research studies, […]

Leadership Nugget # 14: The Impact Of Visible Values on Organization Culture

Does it help to post scripture verses or virtuous quotes in a person’s cubicle or at the bottom of e-mails? Several studies, quoted below, explored that issue. The results of these studies have some food for thought in actions necessary to build healthy organizational cultures. “In a series of studies, subjects were told that they’d […]

Leadership Nugget #13: Can Organizations Adapt Enough to Satisfy The Philosophy of Entitlement?

Quality and skill are becoming less important as more and more employees look for ease in the workplace. Consider the following research: 45 % of employees aspire to achieve work/life balance, which is more than double the number of employees that rank being the best at what they do (17 %) as their top career […]

Leadership Nugget # 12: Leadership Quality Replicates Itself

Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman published an insightful article in Harvard Business Review that validates what many of us have observed. Excellent leaders tend to cluster. Said another way, excellent leaders develop, over time, other excellent leaders. This is a phenomenon that rings true in our every day observations. We see families that produce children […]

Leadership Nugget #11: Are You A Humble Leader?

“Leaders who rated themselves on the low end of 360-degree surveys received higher leadership effectiveness scores from their employees and colleagues. Indeed, the more they underrated themselves, the more highly they were perceived as leaders We assume this is caused by a combination of humility, high personal standards, and a continual striving to be better. […]

Leadership Nugget #10: Performance Management Is Failing Because Its Focuses On Performance, Not Outcomes!

“CEB research found that 86% of organizations had recently made significant changes to their performance management system, or were planning to. In 2014, a Deloitte survey found that 58% percent of companies surveyed did not think performance management was an effective use of time, and many media outlets jumped on the opportunity to air their […]

Leadership Nugget #9. What Is The Missing Ingredient In Leadership Talent Development?

Organization’s attempts at leadership development are reflective of the age-old debate on parenting: does it take a lot of time or quality time? The chart below describes the common actions taken by CEOs to develop the next generation of leadership talent according to Price Waterhouse Coopers. When it comes to leadership development, it appears organizations […]

Leadership Nugget #7: Are You A Creative Leader?

According to a new study at The University of Texas at San Antonio, the key to a successful, creative leader is confidence. Ineffective or abusive leaders create stressful situations for their employees by humiliating them in front of others, playing favorites or not giving their subordinates proper credit for their work.Confident leaders inspire others to […]

Leadership Nugget #6: Is the Decreasing Quality of Public Education Forcing Organizations To Reconsider How They Develop Talent?

The Availability of Talent Is Deteriorating • 72 % of 400 CEOs surveyed in 83 countries indicated availability of key skills was a major threat to their business. (USA Today 1/20/16) • 65% of business leaders say people applying for jobs right out of college are only “somewhat” prepared for success. 40% say they are […]