When Fairness Rules The Workplace

From a time in the not so distant future The President of the United States announced today that “Total Fairness” has finally been achieved in the workplace. The President credited the inspired leadership of the newest federal agency, the Federal Agency for Impartiality and Respect (FAIR) for making fairness possible. In the future organization will […]

Leadership Nugget # 23: When Polls And Majorities Define Leadership

Tony Robbins: What is leadership? What makes a great leader? Often the “leaders” we see on TV or in the media today are figureheads that do what’s popular, but not what’s right. http://www.forbes.com/sites/danschawbel/2016/04/07/tony-robbins-most-leaders-do-whats-popular-not-whats-right/#78de29d52060 A generation of spineless leaders is emerging. This is not because the leaders start off spineless but it occurs because our society […]

Leadership Nugget #13: Can Organizations Adapt Enough to Satisfy The Philosophy of Entitlement?

Quality and skill are becoming less important as more and more employees look for ease in the workplace. Consider the following research: 45 % of employees aspire to achieve work/life balance, which is more than double the number of employees that rank being the best at what they do (17 %) as their top career […]

Leadership Nugget #6: Is the Decreasing Quality of Public Education Forcing Organizations To Reconsider How They Develop Talent?

The Availability of Talent Is Deteriorating • 72 % of 400 CEOs surveyed in 83 countries indicated availability of key skills was a major threat to their business. (USA Today 1/20/16) • 65% of business leaders say people applying for jobs right out of college are only “somewhat” prepared for success. 40% say they are […]

Leadership Nugget # 5: Do CEOs See Government As The Main Threat To Business?

Four hundred CEOs in eighty-three countries were surveyed about what they see as key threats to business. There was an amazing degree of consistency on their views. 1. Overregulation – 83% 2. Geopolitical uncertainty (74%) 3. Exchange rate volatility (73%) 4. Availability of key skills (72%) 5. Government response to fiscal deficit and debt burden […]

King David, Hillary, Abraham, Pogo And Us

What Would You Do? There once was a powerful leader who did not believe laws, rules or policies applied to him. They applied to the average employee but not to someone with his position, wisdom and power. His significant accomplishments alone were reason enough for special treatment. When his violations were uncovered, this leader used […]