Normal Reaction or Being a Jerk? In Lisa Eadicicco’s recent article, “How Steve Jobs Reacted When A Top Apple Executive Left For A Competing Company”, http://www.businessinsider.com/steve-jobs-reaction-when-jon-rubinstein-quit-2015-3, she describes Job’s disbelief and disappointment when a long time employee and friend left Apple for a job in another company. This is a common problem for leaderw when […]

The Cheating Pandemic: Have We Become A Nation Of Cheaters?

Pandemic: occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population (Merriam-Webster) Leaders are dishonest and untrustworthy. Leadership trust is at an “all-time low. Leaders are two-faced liars. They cheat, they are not fair and they take advantage of their workers. People like this do not deserve to be in […]

Are You A Servant Leader? Count The Cost

Servant leadership. According to John Ballard, Ph.D. servant leadership was the second most searched leadership style on Google behind transformational leadership. Furthermore The Leadership Quarterly reports that empirical studies of leadership styles only focused n servant leadership 1% of the time. What this means is that people are interested in servant leadership, possibly in even […]

Has Your Staff Ever Pushed You Into Actions You Knew You Shouldn’t Take? The Need For Leadership Conviction

Recently I read an interesting article, “WHY IS IT SO EASY TO GET PEOPLE TO DO BAD THINGS?” http://iheartintelligence.com/2016/04/13/people-do-bad-things/. In the article, the author reviewed the Milgram experiments of the 1960’s. I quote from the author’s review of that study: “Stanley Milgram was a psychologist at Yale University. He started conducting experiments in July of […]

Leadership Nugget #24: Bad Management Or Unethical Decisions ? You Better Know The Difference!

As I look back on my career in leadership there were two decisions made above me that caused me to question whether or not I could comply with what was asked. Was management above me making an unethical request or were they making a horrible decision with which I was in total disagreement but which […]

The Alarming Epidemic of Leadership Dishonesty

Jim Boeheim is the latest in a long line of disgraced leaders. In a stunning moment Boeheim’s reputation, legacy and accomplishments are gone but the actions creating the fall from grace have been in development over many years. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution’s Jeff Shultz writes: “Jim Boeheim has long been one of the nation’s […]

Leadership Nugget # 14: The Impact Of Visible Values on Organization Culture

Does it help to post scripture verses or virtuous quotes in a person’s cubicle or at the bottom of e-mails? Several studies, quoted below, explored that issue. The results of these studies have some food for thought in actions necessary to build healthy organizational cultures. “In a series of studies, subjects were told that they’d […]

Leadership Nugget #11: Are You A Humble Leader?

“Leaders who rated themselves on the low end of 360-degree surveys received higher leadership effectiveness scores from their employees and colleagues. Indeed, the more they underrated themselves, the more highly they were perceived as leaders We assume this is caused by a combination of humility, high personal standards, and a continual striving to be better. […]