Leadership Nugget #9. What Is The Missing Ingredient In Leadership Talent Development?

Organization’s attempts at leadership development are reflective of the age-old debate on parenting: does it take a lot of time or quality time? The chart below describes the common actions taken by CEOs to develop the next generation of leadership talent according to Price Waterhouse Coopers. When it comes to leadership development, it appears organizations […]

Leadership Nugget #6: Is the Decreasing Quality of Public Education Forcing Organizations To Reconsider How They Develop Talent?

The Availability of Talent Is Deteriorating • 72 % of 400 CEOs surveyed in 83 countries indicated availability of key skills was a major threat to their business. (USA Today 1/20/16) • 65% of business leaders say people applying for jobs right out of college are only “somewhat” prepared for success. 40% say they are […]

The Bucket

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn on June 30, 2014 There are a few instances in a person’s life that shapes his or her philosophy, behavior and direction. Fortunately for me, one of those instances came very early in my career. It was the day that I came to realize how very little I […]

Leadership: Wisdom Lies Beyond Head Knowledge

There is a great difference between knowing and understanding; you can know a lot about something and not really understand it. Charles F Kettering Deep or wide? Two events come to mind. First, a number of years ago, I listened to a presentation on wisdom. The speaker contrasted the definitions of wisdom used by ancient […]